Things to think about before drilling a bore for your farm

Having a bore drilled on your farm can come with a lot of advantages. You'll have access to multiple water sources, meaning you can save money by using more of the bore water than the water provided in your pipes. It's also a major advantage in times of drought, as you will have your own water that isn't a subject under government regulations. However, before you get bore drilling performed on your property, there are a few things you should think about in order to get the most out of installing a groundwater bore.

Various Reasons Your Residence May Require Water Testing

Water is a basic human necessity. As such, it is something that is found in all households. However, do you know how safe your water is? Generally, municipal organizations will carry out professional testing at water testing labs to ensure that the water being provided by the municipal council is safe. However, there may be instances when contaminants come into contact with your personal water supply and you are none the wiser.

Choosing which type of pump to use in a rainwater harvesting tank

If you're experiencing a raise in your water bills for your farm, or if you find that water levels in your well or borehole have been decreasing, rainwater harvesting might be something for you. Rainwater harvesting is essentially the act of collecting the rainwater that falls on top of the roofs of your buildings to then gather it in a tank, from where it then can be pumped out into pipes where it's directed to where you need it.