Various Reasons Your Residence May Require Water Testing

Water is a basic human necessity. As such, it is something that is found in all households. However, do you know how safe your water is? Generally, municipal organizations will carry out professional testing at water testing labs to ensure that the water being provided by the municipal council is safe. However, there may be instances when contaminants come into contact with your personal water supply and you are none the wiser. Here are some of the various reasons why you may require getting personal water testing for your residence. 

Your residence's water has a strange taste

With the exception of borehole water, which is chock-full of minerals, water is not supposed to have a lingering taste. If you begin to notice your residence's water has developed a chemical or sour aftertaste, then you need to enlist the services of professional water testing. One of the reasons why your water may have an off taste is that your pipes have become breached and contaminants are getting into your water supply. Over time, the contaminants will start to accumulate and affect the overall taste of your water. A water testing lab can establish what is contaminating the water, thus making it easier to establish where it is coming from. Additionally, you may have to install filters into your plumbing so as to prevent contaminants from being mixed with your water. 

You start experiencing gastrointestinal problems

Generally, most people will brush off stomach problems as being caused by something they ate. However, if you are experiencing regular gastrointestinal issues, the problem could lie with your water supply. This is especially critical if there is a pregnant woman or children in the household. One of the more common organisms that can make their way into your water supply is legionella. This bacterium is known to survive in lower levels of oxygen as compared to other bacteria. In addition to this, it tends to be resistant to chlorine, thus making it more likely to survive in your water system. Once it gets into your water system, it has a chance to multiply rapidly and become ingested by your household. Enlisting the services of a water-testing lab will confirm whether your water supply has been contaminated by microorganisms. 

Your water has a strange colour

One of the most common causes of water discolouration is old pipes. If you notice that your water has turned brownish, it is best to confirm with a water testing lab what the cause is. If the problem is old piping, this means that rust or lead is getting into your water supply and your plumbing system will have to be updated.