5 Reasons Why You Should Consider IgG Food Allergen Testing

Allergies arise from antigens found in certain foods and can pose life-threatening effects on your family and pets. Today, people are becoming more conscious of food allergies and the importance of intolerance testing. These tests are vital to raising awareness of food and non-food products they should consume or avoid. 

But what other advantages can you benefit from food allergen tests? Continue reading to learn the benefits and significance of performing an IgG food allergen test. 

It's Much Quicker and Convenient

GP appointments aren't easy to come by since they take much longer. Besides, doctors take time before they finally arrive at the most appropriate food intolerance test that you require. However, you can get rid of intermediaries and have your IgG test delivered right at your doorstep. 

 It's Less Painful

Food allergies affect a massive number of people across Australia. Allergies occur mainly when your immune system can't handle the effect of food or substances you consume or come in contact with daily. Common culprits include dairy, pet hair, pollen, gluten and various types of farm produce.  

Usually, your doctor will begin an allergy test by administering a prick test on your arm or back several times using an allergen sample. That can make you feel like a pincushion, and you can avoid all this with just a single pinprick on your fingertip or a hair sample.  

Faster Turnaround Time

Most food allergen tests are performed in dedicated labs that offer a faster turnaround on test results. That means you can receive test results within a week after sample submission. Food allergen tests are therefore quicker than a doctor's waiting list. 

 Offers Highly Accurate Results

It's never a big deal when you take a small blood sample to conduct food allergen tests on your own. Sending your blood sample to the lab allows specialists to conduct various antibody tests. Consequently, that allows for faster and more accurate results delivered to you.

Offers an Option for Pet Testing

As technology evolves, newer allergen testing methods become available. Today, consumers are presented with diverse testing options, including allergy testing for pet feeds. Now you can quickly diagnose your dog's allergies and improve their health with these tests. 

These are the five advantages that IgG food allergen testing can offer. Moreover, staying informed on intolerances and allergies that your family and pets suffer from is an excellent way to achieve a healthy lifestyle with different food varieties. Furthermore, allergen tests can help avert the life-threatening and dangerous mistakes that can arise from unknown food allergies. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers allergen testing